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The Bible of You

Who are you?

Where do you come from?

Why are you here?

Where are you meant to go?

12 Months of Guided Inner-Exploration

I take private clients through a one-year self-exploration journey to reconnect or strengthen their spiritual side. I'm not a therapist or coach. I'm a consultant who takes clients hand in hand through various experiences with experts specially selected for the client's desires and personality and learning approach. Once a month, the client goes deeper into their own self, whom they were born as, what life phase they currently are in, how they can best approach life, what can confuse or block their progress, how best to communicate with others, what they were born to do, where their families and ancestors were from, what future challenges they might face, and much more. We delve into whatever the client wants, from finding holistic healthcare to alternative therapy techniques to stress management practices.

During the year, I design a special birthday dinner celebration, helping them curate a highly selective guest list and using sacred geometry to create an evening to celebrate their spiritual journey and raise the frequencies of all their loved ones. Every detail is with intention, from the food ingredients, drinks, event colors, table crystals, thank you gifts, and music or entertainment.

At the end of the year, the client receives a hard-cover book that documents their journey with all the information they received from the various specialists.

This is not at all counter-religion and is even ideal for those who already practice a religion or are part of a church or temple community. The process is entirely customized, and I'm always excited to learn about others' spiritual practices and beliefs.

For those who might be atheists or of no particular religion or belief... think of this like a smorgasbord of spiritual approaches. I'm confident we'll find something that will spark something in you to delve deeper into the unknown.

If this speaks to you, reach out to me. While designed as a year-long program, there is no obligation. Pricing is tailored to what programs or areas you want to include and which areas you want to dive deeper into. Payments are monthly, and the agreement can mutually be terminated with one month's notice. Spots are limited; you will be sent a questionnaire, and we'll have a video call prior to deciding if it's a mutually good fit. If it's not a match, I'll do my best to direct you towards someone or something else more in line with what you're seeking.

With love and peace, Raquelita

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