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Outdoor Fitness by MyEquilibria

Have you ever seen a public works project that someone, somewhere (or more likely tax payers) spent a lot of money on... yet, you feel like they could have done it better?  They could have spent less money?  Could have designed it for the actual user and not just instagram?  Looks pretty but is just kind of blah to use?  Or worse maybe, they tried to save a lot of money and installed an eyesore?  Or they worked so hard to please a certain group that they ignored the other stake holder's needs and opinions?

This is why Raquel Kateri Rodriguez launched Kateri Enterprises in 2019.  Former co-founder of MyEquilibria, and former director of Metalco Active USA, the North American branch for MyEquilibria's manufacturer, Raquel has nearly 20 years in the fitness industry.  Combined with ten years working with start-ups and corporate consulting, Raquel approaches projects by looking at the big picture and finding the best solution for all stakeholders.  Her extensive experience with and knowledge of MyEquilibria is an invaluable addition to any project.

She has worked on-site at dozens of locations worldwide, including Florida, Virginia, California, Spain, Quebec, Singapore, and of course Italy.​  Raquel consults for Parks Departments, City Administrations, Mayor's Offices, City Commissioners, Capital Works, Corporate Campuses, Universities, Multi-Family Developments, Luxury Hotels and Resorts, and Private Villas.  Kateri Enterprises also supports your architects, landscape designers, parks/gym/community managers, general contractors, property developers, buyers/purchasers, and more.

Now, with Kateri Wellness Design, Raquel brings holistic and spiritual design to her MyEquilibria projects. Whether you know what you want or are looking for guidance in selecting, this is what she takes into account before consulting on outdoor projects:

  • Target end users' current physical state or fitness goals + emotional and mental health.

  • Overall vibration of the location + the energetic grid lines (ley lines) of the city. 

  • Seasonal and weather elements + pedestrian traffic (users' energies and behaviours are highly influenced by the seasons).

  • Circuits appropriate not only for physical workouts but balancing users' chakras.

  • Plus terrain, budget, purchaser's goals, key stakeholder's interests, effected third parties, environment, safety, user access and installer's access, shipping, importation, logistics, problem-preventing and problem-solving, purchaser's timelines and third party contractors.

  • Kateri can also consult for and support in site activation, event planning, launching/opening, training for maintenance and preventive equipment care, unique press statements, adding site to MyEquilbria's free app, selecting and involving local personal trainers, and more.

After a decade of working with MyEquilibria and having become fluent in Italian, Raquel can infuse your project with an enthusiasm that gets everyone on board. Kateri Wellness Design brings together her passion with her experience and knowledge to better benefit everyone involved.


Award Winning Products

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MyEquilibria & MyBeast

FAQ & Process

  1. Fill out this form and please be as detailed as possible, Raquel reads everything and can be better prepared for your call.

  2. You will be emailed a confirmation of receipt and asked to schedule a 30 minute zoom. (These calls can last between 15-60 minutes depending entirely on the stage and complexity of the project.)

  3. Please have all your questions ready for her. You are welcome to email them to her in advance.

  4. On your call Raquel will review everything you've sent, ask and answer questions, and give initial thoughts and feedback.

  5. If Raquel believes her services can be the right fit for your project and the project is at the appropriate stage, she will send you a retainer letter and payment request for 5,000 USD. This is a retainer that will be credited towards the eventual equipment purchase. (In the case that a different party of entity is purchasing the equipment, she will refund the retainer fee once the deposit for the equipment has been made.) This retainer fee is valid for 18 months.

  6. Kateri Enterprises LLC handles 90-100% of the communication and interaction with the European manufacturer and the freight forwarders. Kateri is an official distributor with these brands. For all US projects, clients will make payment directly to Kateri who will in turn, purchase from these manufacturers and import into the US on your behalf.

  7. In general, goods are made-to-order. There is a large deposit, a second payment during the manufacturing and prior to shipping, and a third final payment after the goods have been received. Generally orders take between 60-120 days to manufacture and 2-6 weeks for shipping. Varies greatly on raw materials available, the size of the project, level of customization, and the client's location.

  8. Further detail on services and processes will be provided during the introduction call.

Request a Quote

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Note: In the case that Raquel does not believe it would be a good fit, she will make sure to get you the right match of another official MyEquilibria distributor. She has great relationships with her colleagues. She might direct you to someone who is more traditionally "corporate", or someone who can provide more in-person hands-on support, or someone who can directly handle the installation in-house, or she might introduce you directly to the manufacturer. No matter the case, she wants to make sure your vision comes to reality with the best team possible.​

For Collaborations & Sub-Distributor or Sales Rep Opportunities:
Please fill out the same form above or email directly

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