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Indoor Fitness by PENT Fitness

PENT Fitness is the perfect choice for an intimate gym space designed not only for luxury and beauty, but for holistic and spiritual wellness. Using only natural woods, stainless steel, and authentic leather, PENT Fitness equipment and accessories raise the frequencies in a space and provides cleaner air quality than any traditional gym brand.

Raquel can design the home gym or yoga studio of your dreams incorporating not just PENT Fitness but also the all natural fitness accessories by Yoga Design Lab and source a variety of indoor plants and crystals to maximize your gym experience. She is particularly passionate about meditation, neuroscience, and behavioral therapy. Raquel herself has a sensory processing disorder and can make special places that are particularly soothing for neurodivergent adults or individuals with a variety of mental health needs. She can work to make a place that fits a family or couple's desires while following the guidance of their professional medical or psychological care. Working with Raquel, she creates a safe space and understands how intimate a home wellness space can and should be. Whether you are shopping for a pair of dumbbells and a mat, renovating a spare bedroom, or adding an external pod for your new gym, Raquel can help you see your vision through.

Frustrated by her own shopping experiences for home fitness equipment, Raquel is launching a unique online store. This will offer individuals with a clear idea of what they want, for small gym owners looking to upgrade, yoga studios wishing to expand amenities, or hotel managers wishing to add to their luxury suites and villas. 

Become a free member to browse the shop, gather needed information and details, and study more of Raquel's magickal guidance on how to select the best wood and choose the most appropriate leather color. Save time on the communications and sales process. No minimum order quantity required, credit cards accepted. 

Please email us for gym design services, larger orders, or any other requests.

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