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About this Nomadic Hermette...

Why "Spiritual Consulting"? 
I call myself a Soulpreneur.  I have worked for myself for the last twelve years, rarely having an office or a boss.  Since around five years old, I've been inventing business ideas, a born start-upper, and an entrepreneur.  Kateri Enterprises merges my spiritual and business passions, fusing magick and fitness, feminine and masculine, yin and yang.

For more about my present life, you can find me on Instagram.  For my CV, you can find me on LinkedIn.

Here I'll try to answer the questions I get most frequently...

Q: Where do you live?  Are you married?
I live between Miami Beach and central Italy with my "husband," Eduardo Montefusco.  

Q: Do you have kids?
I have an adult stepdaughter from a previous relationship.  I enjoy spending time with my husband's children and grandkids.  A pregnant, abandoned cat at our country house has led to a cat army of eight.  They all keep me very busy and let me pour out my maternal instincts.

Q: How old are you?
I'm in my mid-thirties, a baby-faced old soul.  My closest girlfriends are in their forties and fifties.  If you want to know my age, I'm an Earth Dragon Taurus : )  Or cheat and see the timeline below.

Q: What is your real name?  Who or what is Kateri?
My name is Raquel A. Rodriguez.  I was raised roman catholic and took the confirmation name Kateri after the first Native American saint, St. Kateri Tekakwitha.  I grew up outside of Cahokia mounds, the largest pre-Columbus settlement north of Mexico, and studied specifically their religious practices.  So I felt drawn to St. Kateri of the Mohawks.  Despite my solid Catholic upbringing and my occasional attendance at mass, I do not consider myself religious but rather spiritually eclectic.  She has continued to serve as my guiding light decades later.  The courage she had to follow her convictions, find her way after loss and trauma, choose her own happiness over societal obligations, and become a nun.  It's why I named my company after her.  It reminds me of my focus to bring people back to nature, help them find or enhance their spiritual connection with themselves and the greater universe no matter what they believe in, and that I can help many more people if I don't hide away.  She reminds me to not forget where I came from while feeling free to pursue my spiritual calling.

Q: Where are you from?  Do you speak Spanish?
I was born outside of Philadelphia, my father was mixed Puerto Rican and Jewish, and my mother is an American mix, primarily Polish.  I was raised in St. Louis, the middle of seven kids.  My parents didn't speak Spanish, and neither did I.  I am fluent in Italian, so can understand about 40% of Spanish.

Q: What school did you go to?  What degree do you have?
Growing up, I switched schools frequently due to health reasons.  At 12, they finally diagnosed me with Sensory Processing Disorder.  Unfortunately, at the time, they didn't understand anything about it, besides that it made me hypersensitive.  I'll skip the long medical saga.  You can read my timeline and list of studies below.  I do not have any formal degree.


I am an open book.  Our work is intimate, and I honor your trust in me.

A lifetime of studying...

Classical Education: Catechesis, Theology, Fashion, Sociology, Research, Trend Analysis & Forecasting, Management

Courses & Training: Taekwondo, Meditation, Ancestral Research, Interior Design, Egyptian Shamanism, Holistic Design, Western & Vedic Astrology, Palm Reading, Tarot Card Reading, Human Design, Reiki

Studies: Native Americans, Chinese Astrology, Mental Health (Specifically PTSD and neurodivergence), Paganism (From the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, to the Northern Europeans), Dream Analysis (Western and Native American), Physical Fitness (Including Functional, HIIT, TacFitness, Animal, Pilates, and Yoga), Nutrition, Psychology, Yogananda, Kriya Yoga, Breath Work, Herbal Healing, Chakra Alignment, Intergenerational Trauma, Spiritual Leadership in the WorkForce, Magick (Specifically Italian and European practices), Gym Design, Color Theory, Ley Lines, Epigenetics, Garden Design (Specifically meditation, zen, herb and vegetable gardens), Feet Reading, Face Reading, Gut Health, Ancestral Wounds.

Italy, 2021

"She writes beautifully. I share her approach to life and work."   
- P. Architect

A few past clients...

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